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Care of your jewelry

All our jewels are made of 925 Sterling Silver, and to keep them looking like the first day we will give you a few tips


Guárdalas individualmente

After wearing your jewelry, store them individually, so that they do not rub against each other, in a dry and safe place, preferably on a cushioned surface.

Evita la humedad

Never leave them in humid areas, and as far as possible, avoid contact with water from the shower, swimming pool or sea, as they could be damaged.


Evita los cambios de temperatura

Do not expose them to the sun or to sudden changes in temperature, as this may compromise their integrity.

Evita el rozamiento

The less friction the more durability, so avoid impact of your jewelry with hard surfaces.


Evita los productos químicos

Avoid direct contact between your jewelry and abrasive chemicals. Perfumes, soaps and cosmetics contain chemicals that can influence the durability of your pieces.


To clean them, use a cotton cloth or a non-abrasive chamois to remove possible dirt from the jewelry.


Joyas chapadas

Remember that plated jewelry is always more delicate and should be cleaned more carefully to avoid damaging its plating, so avoid putting any liquid or polish not specifically for silver jewelry. LINEARGENT cannot guarantee the eternity of the gold plating on our jewelry, but if properly cared for it will last much longer.