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More than 30 years mixing creativity and good taste to create trends in jewelry.



Our history

LINEARGENT dates back to 1970, when
Josep and Francesca entered the world of jewelry sales



The brand

After years working in the sector, in 1992 we decided to create our own innovative brand: LINEARGENT. A new concept in jewelry that was an immediate success, as it started with a particular idea and way of understanding silver jewelry. Fresh and elegant jewels capable of surprising, connecting people and awakening desire.


Our designs

We work to elevate and place creativity and trend at the service of good taste, and we do it only for those who, like us, love jewelry. Democratizing elegance in jewelry to make women feel special. Because we firmly believe that the freedom of expression that jewelry gives us is not a luxury: it is a passion.

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years working for you

countries around the world

more than 2 million women wear our jewelry


International expansion

LINEARGENT jewelry is available in more than 1,500 active points of sale in Spain and also in Portugal, France, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, United States, among others. Millions of people have bought jewels from our brand and approximately one million people are wearing one of our jewels at this very moment.


People trust us

While it is true that this recognition could seem distant or almost unattainable when we started with our brand; gradually we have become a benchmark in our way of doing and to be taken into account, and that has already permeated the history of jewelry in Spain. We are increasingly present and popular in fashion magazines and among celebrities who wear our pieces.

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